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Privacy policy

In order to protect the privacy of its users the information collection and dissemination methods used in the system are published below:

1. Our servers collect some data automatically when you connect to the system. This information is recorded by the servers of many websites. These include your IP address, browser type, operating system, time and date of connection, the part of the system you visited, the address of the web page from which you logged in. This data will be used for statistical analysis to best meet your needs.Also, when administering the system and performing diagnostics of the internet servers, system may use the IP addresses of the system visitors' computers. An IP address can also be used to identify a user’s computer and gather broad demographic information.

2. By using browser cookies, we can provide content specially tailored to the interests of users and save the history of their visits to the system. This is a widely used practice followed by the administrators of the absolute majority of internet servers operating worldwide. Browser cookie is a small piece of information in file format stored on your computer. Our system do not use persistent cookies. Our system uses only temporary cookies called sessions which are deleted after browser closes. There are more cookies which are stored and managed by a third party like Google Analytics which policies are described in this document below.

3. In the forms provided in the system, visitors may be asked to provide personal information (for example, indicate their name, e-mail address or their telephone number). The personal data of the visitor can be used in case the representatives of the system should contact him or for marketing purposes. The demographic data collected can also be used to better tailor the system to the needs of a particular user, to display content specifically tailored to his needs. The user may request the termination of the subscribtion or processing of his personal data by contacting the system administrators.

4. We are constantly improving the website and aim to make it as easy and convenient as possible to use. To do this, we need to know what information is most interesting to our site visitors, from which cities our site is visited, how often visitors sign in, what browser they are interested in, what devices are interested in reading the site, and so on. We collect this information using Google Analytics tools, which allow us to capture and analyze how our site visitors are using your site. If you don't want Google Analytics to capture information about your web browsing, you can use this Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Plugin.

5. To further improve the website and services we track each click, navigation and scroll you do on this website to know when and what item was interested to you.

6. The system contains links to the websites of other persons, companies or organizations. System is not responsible for the content of such websites or the privacy practices used by them.

7. Data collected about the system's users is protected from loss, unauthorized use and alterations. In accordance with the data protection agreements signed by them, system employees have a written obligation not to disclose or disseminate to third parties the information received at the workplace about the system users, including the users of the the system. The database of the system is protected from unauthorized access via computer networks.

8. These privacy policy statements are true and valid for all subdomain systems.

9. If you have any questions regarding this description of the privacy policy or the methods of collecting and using the attendance data of the system, please contact me.

Svajunas Maksvytis - Privacy policy