Freelancer Kit - Svajunas Maksvytis
Svajunas Maksvytis
Web & Apps Developer
Svajunas Maksvytis
Svajunas Maksvytis
Web & Apps Developer

Freelancer Kit


Freelancer Kit - Svajunas Maksvytis

Freelancer Kit, or just FK, is the project I was making for about half a year. It was made with an idea to control all aspects of freelancing from one place with ease. The blog you see, the portfolio and the CV is controlled by the FK in the admin area. FK helps you control your income and outcome, your workflow, your contacts, your portfolio and almost any other aspect you could think of when dealing with freelancing.


Project Management
Contact Management
Work Management
Time Management
Profile Management
Taxes Management
Contracts Management
Invoices Management
Snippets Management
Links Management
Testimonials Management
Portfolio Management
Mails Management
Expenses Management
Earnings Management
Backups Management
Passwords Management
Ideas Management
Infos Management
Medias Management
Designs Management
Tracking Management
CV Management


I will continuously improve FK and make it even better. When I feel it is ready for public use I will release commercial version of it for every freelancer to use it.